Chemistry 328
Reaction Stoichiometry
Small Notes & Graphic Organizer


1.    Write the balanced equation (reaction).
2.    Convert the known information (e.g. mass) of the reactant to moles.
        A.   If need help on determining the appropriate mole equation (e.g. mass ,volume, #particles)
                look at Graphic Organizer.
        B.  Will modify this step when we get to Limiting Reactant problems

3.    Use the balance equation to set-up the right "Molar Ratio" to go from
        the known substance to the unknown substance.
4.    Convert from the moles of the unknown substance to the unknown information
        (e.g. are you looking for mass, volume, # of particles).
        A.   Again, if you need help on determining the appropriate equation,
               look at the Graphical Organizer.